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The cinematic style wedding films with Video artistry are exactly what today's couples are looking for.

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Newbury Studios Boston wedding photography in Boston specializes in capturing exciting candid photographs, beautiful still-life's and unique detail, as well as the traditional formal photographs, and weaving them together in a compelling, very personal storybook album.

Boston wedding photography We specialize in creative wedding photography at Newbury Studios and know how to help you look great, have fun with your photography, and absolutely love the images we create for you!

Our secret is telling a story, not documenting events the way traditional wedding albums do. We have many more photographs in our albums and especially many more candid's.

Storytelling not illustrating
Traditional wedding albums illustrate a wedding the way newspapers do, using single photographs of significant events to give essentially static coverage. Our storybook wedding albums employ a storytelling approach like a magazine, using multiple size images to create scenes, convey time and development, motion and emotion. 

To the traditional "main event" type photographs we add significant detail, scene setters, candid's and reaction shots. This allows us to portray the individuality of your wedding day, the way your wedding is unique and different. It assures that when you view the album in later years you will be able to relive not just the highlights but your whole wedding day.

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Our strategy is different.
Because we take many more photographs than most photographers and because our style is to use more candids, we pose very few photographs, usually only the formal portraits. Instead, we photographs events as they naturally unfold, capturing spontaneous emotions and documenting real relationships. We want to capture the action of events as they unfold dynamically. We do want to stop action and photograph static scenes.

Faster and more fun      
Another benefit of many more candids than most other wedding photographers is that you will spend far less time posing and the photographer will be far less intrusive than usual. It also means that you and your wedding party and family will enjoy the process of photography much more.

Our albums have more variety, are artistic, capture more detail and have greater individuality. Plus you get more complete coverage of your wedding day.

Check out our images. See our section on storybook albums. View our special portfolios such as engagement photographs, preparations, arrival and departure, the ceremony, black and white, photojournalism, and more. And don't forget to look at our pricing. You'll see why Boston wedding photography is such an excellent value.

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